Employer services for a modern world

We're re-inventing payroll for international and distributed teams to help companies and employees navigate red tape, local legislation & save money.

Easily hire employees across the globe

Pay your team on time and in local currency

We’ll keep you and your hires compliant with ever-changing taxes and regulations.

Offer local benefits to attract and retain top-tier talent

Proud to offer employment solutions that add value to both our clients and their workforce.

Benefit from our leading R&D

Payroll has lacked forward-thinking innovation. We've re-invented it to save you money and grow profits.

Efficient payroll management

Payroll is our business. We make it our business so you don't have too.

Full Employer of Record service

Our local compliance team & expert partners deliver robust & legal tax-efficient structures to help you grow.

How Borderless™ Works

Our innovative approach means simpler internal processes, more robust local tax management and cost savings for your corporation.

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1. Onboarding

Your team is onboarded with Borderless™  and the local partner Employer of Record.

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2. Legal Review

We perform a compliance check to understand local procedures, tax requirements.

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3. Processing & Pay

Borderless™ seamlessly integrates with the internal payroll team.

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4. Earn & Saving

Borderless™ streamlining delivers multi-cost savings across your gross payroll.

 Building services for a  Borderless™ world

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Global Payroll

We are experts in global payroll legislation. We offer fullycompliant payroll management, allowing SME businesses to access elevated staff benefits, and optimized savings.

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Employer of Record

The Borderless™ EOR offering gives employers a seamless payroll and employment partnership where Borderless becomes the Employer of Record for your team.

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Contractor Managment

Borderless™  Contractor Management services make it easy for you to onboard, pay, and manage both local and international contractors. You can create and manage payments staying compliant and convert contractors to employees where required.

A new frontier for global payroll & HR

We're set on building a tech-enabled payroll solution that gives the business community what it needs to elevate its hiring and staff retention across the world.

What our customers say about Borderless

Simon Wison
HR & Talent Director

We've used Borderless to hire and onboard employees in 10 different countries and we can honestly say that we would not have been able to grow that quickly without Borderless and the efficiencies they create for our business.

Antoinette Franks
Finance Director

Growing into Asia had been on our agenda for a while but the procedures associated with hiring were hard to understand. Working with Borderless has provided a simple process to ensure we stay compliant in new territories.

Mikel Atos
Managing Director

The money we are able to save through the streamlining optimizations Borderless provide has given us the edge both in our home in the UK and also in establishing ourselves in new geographies where we needed to find an extra edge.

Sanji Abdal
Global CEO

The Borderless team seem to genuinely care about the experience their customers have. Our team make us feel special and we get the sense they are focussed on solving problems rather than just making money for their shareholders.